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Fifty Years of Mistakes

And I Am Still Making Them…

That, I have come to learn, is part of living. If you are active and working, you keep making mistakes. (Wish that was not the case at times.)

Tonight I recorded about thirty minutes (5 videos) of the first week of Learning from 50 Years of Mistakes. Great fun taking a ride back to that first year of college when I was 24 years of age, and what I was doing and how I made a mistake that would cost me 8 years of writing and sales.

A single mistake. Eight years.

But in those eight years I was married, divorced, married again, got a masters in architecture and went to three years of law school.

So interesting to say the least to go back in the Way Back machine to those first two short story sales 50 years ago. And fun, for at least me.

Those of you who know the history of sf/horror/fantasy, look at the names on this cover. And yes, I have a story in there with those names. (They only did issues every three months and they wanted to save my second story for this Weird Tales-like issue, so it took just over two years for it to be published from the time I sold it and got paid.)


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