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Exercise and Weight Update

First 5K Run Is In One Month…

Yikes, not having the weight-loss success I had hoped. In fact, I suck. I even gained a pound this last week.

I have been eating much healthier. And fewer calories. The problem is the exercise. I get started, then get focused on something else and just flat forget. Start a streak, miss, forget.

Two months now of that. Some good things are that my muscles and skin are tightening up, and it is getting easier to run, even though I am still heavier than I want to be.

But wow, the intense discipline I thought I could bring to this has not arrived yet. No reason, no real excuse.

So starting up a streak once again today. 5 miles a day of distance, both some running and walking. Got it today to be day one of the streak, but got to hit it tomorrow to even have a streak. Goal is to hold a 5 mile per day streak until that first race in the middle of September. Short enough time that I should be able to do that. We shall see.

If I can hold that, it will sure make that first 5K a ton easier and more fun. And all the runs following that one through the fall more fun as well.

Maybe I should do some videos on motivation… oh, wait, I do that every week…maybe I should listen to myself. (grin)



  • Jason M

    You can easily find personal trainers online who will help you plan diet and exercise and keep you accountable by requiring that you check in with them daily or weekly. There are apps too.

    • dwsmith

      Oh, my, the idea of planning a diet for me gives me the shudders. Kris is the one with the very restrictive diet. If you added me into that mix, it would be insanity. I think I would rather keep the pounds. (grin) I got accountability set up and great goals on the exercise. That is not the problem that much as I carve out more time. Just refusing to give up too much writing time at this point, which is another trade-off.

  • Heather Hatch Brnkerhoff

    On making motivation videos:

    Is motivation that gears one for writing,
    Is it the same source and sort that gets a person out of the house to the gym or to run?
    Or for me, to pull out paints and the pricey, huge blank watercolor paper and stomp critical voice there?

    For me, I think my enthusiasm is struck, and my ‘why I’m doing this’ memory, gets fired up with something different for each activity type. Though the discipline to follow up for each activity comes from the same source.

    I welcome all motivation videos you do. My excersize and illustration motivation is down, weak.
    But my writing motivation is up. I use my workshop classes to feed it, everyday.
    But yesterday, on the road and stuck in family things, I got back very late. All I could think of was, I have GOT to keep my Streak! I MUST get my words in by midnight!

    I made it. My fragile writing streak is one day stronger, one day older. That gives me so much joy and increases my motivation. I guess that does apply to other activities. (But I was so fixated on keeping that streak last night, I forgot to email this weeks assignment. Nevertheless, 😁!

    And double 😁😁 to how motivating it is to getting it done today, first thing.
    Enough motivation to add more, in pockets, as day progresses.
    Wish keeping this Streak and starting new Streaks were as easy as posting comments after you’ve kept yours!

  • Mark Kuhn

    Back in May, my wife and I adopted a 7 month old Cockapoo puppy. His energy level is very high. So he and I are up to walking 2 miles a day and I have dropped 6 pounds with very little effort.

  • Kate Pavelle

    I feel that, Dean. You got it, though, you live in a great walking city! I bet that helps some. And you get your vitamin D naturally, whereas when we get sun in Pittsburgh, I drop everything, shed clothes, and run outside to bask like a lizard. (Yep, really.) (Well, not all clothes.)

    So, a bit of an adjustment on my end: my pool CLOSED. They are replacing the roof, so I’m on my own until they are done and reopened, which could be a while. With Covid, and the lifeguard shortage, many indoor pools just never reopened. I’ll go swim in the river before dinner, the weather is nice and it hasn’t rained in a few days so the water will be clean (no street or sewage overflow – there’s even a website where the city tells you how good or bad the water is.) But I can’t swim in the river all the time due to flow and weather conditions. Storms are a thing, and I don’t share many qualities with electric eels.

    My challege is this: I got nicely settled into a M-W-F=gym, T-Th=pool schedule. Now I have to replace the pool by something else. One logical candidate is riding my bike. I feel very lazy about riding my bike. We have hills. Getting on and off is a process because of my hip, and sometimes I just plain *fall to the side* instead of getting off in a controlled manner (yes, I’ll have some cheese with that whine, thank you.) 😊 But I know how to fall, so it’s merely embarrassing. Last time I had all these (young, fit) soccer moms trying to “rescue” me. Just kill me now.

    Have a fabulous training run, I’ll have a fabulous river swim before the storms roll in tomorrow!