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Emotion Workshop…A Sample

Lifetime Subscriptions…

You should already know that the Emotions workshop is in their subscription. Anyone with a lifetime subscription to workshops can take a new workshop when it starts up or wait and take it any time down the road. And you don’t have to tell me you want to be in it. Lifetime subscribers are automatically in.

One subscriber asked if it was better for me to have them take it first time out or wait until later. For me, it makes no difference. But for the subscriber, it might be better to wait and get out of the crowd. (grin… not that many people taking it the first time) Why? If you wait and do it at your own pace, I give you individual attention, a benefit of being a lifetime subscriber.

But it honestly makes no difference to me.


So I wanted to do a sample of some really basic emotion combined with depth.  This is the start of chapter 15 of a novel from the main character’s point of view of a stage four writer. First two examples are me dumbing it down to beginning and then intermediate levels. Beginning writers seldom even put this much depth on chapter fifteen of a novel.

BEGINNING EXAMPLE… The storm had not started yet. The sky felt dark and threatening. But she knew the storm was coming. She could sense it.

No real depth, no opinion, nothing.

MEDIUM EXAMPLE… The rolling clouds over the San Diego park looked dark, threatening rain at any moment. She could feel the pressure of the coming storm, pressing down on her like all the problems she faced.

Wow, that is bad as well. But better than the first example.


Still, the storm had not broken. The sky over San Diego loomed heavy with midday dark, as if the water weight and potential thunder stored over distant Alpine had in the last few hours slid unspent toward the city, to add pressure to the coastal deluge that was coming. Sometimes both weather and history broke far too slowly for those who were impatient for what came next.


He goes on with even more depth and emotion…you see the park, you see…

“A bevy of uniformed schoolgirls hurried past in response to the mother-quail urgings of a nun in a contemporary habit, who seemed to think the storm would break at any moment.”

That is why you study Stage Four writers like Koontz. That is depth at the opening of a chapter deep in the book and he does that and more every chapter.

See why the Depth workshop is needed to take Emotion?

Can you feel the emotion in the character by the choice of words, the way she looked at the coming storm. Acceptance, resignation, a metaphor for what was coming next in the plot of the book.

I wanted to give this example to show you just how deep adding emotion can be. This is advanced, way way advanced. Opinion and emotion though choices of words to keep the reader reading.

Chess master level work.

The emotion workshop will start on the basics, don’t worry, try to ease you into even being able to see what someone like Koontz is even doing with emotion. And help you learn it yourself along the way.