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2020 Anthology Workshop Moved Up One Week

For A Good Reason…

Everyone who is signed up for 2020 Anthology Workshop should have gotten a letter from me about this. If you think you are signed up and didn’t get a letter, or want to sign up (filling quickly), write me at

The point is that I wanted to let everyone know that the dates for the 2020 Anthology workshop have been moved one week sooner, to February 21st through the 26th. Everything else is the same and we will start writing in November like normal.

The reason for the change was the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino contacting us and giving us an option to change to a week earlier, a quieter time. You see, it turned out that the week after the anthology finished this year, Nascar was in town with major races. The downtown area was horrid to be in that weekend.

Then they announced that next year the Nascar weekend would be right over when we had scheduled our workshop. Oh, God, NO!!  The Golden Nugget was nice enough to warn us and give us the option to move a week earlier to get away from the Nascar crowds and we jumped on the chance. It will be a nice weekend, like this year was a nice weekend.

So next year the Anthology workshop will be from February 21st to  the morning of the 26th. Travel the 20th and the 26th. We will be changing these dates on the web sites and such soon.


Romance Craft Workshop in September and the Science Fiction Craft Workshop in January are now both full. (Only way to get into either is to become a lifetime subscriber to the Vegas workshops.)

The Master Business Class in October has a few spots left open.

The 2020 Anthology workshop still has about seven or so spots left open.  So if interested, write me. This year the writers wrote for nine different paying anthologies. That was wild.

The Master Business Class is going to be really a mind-blower (more than normal) this year. So much cool stuff.