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Diving Universe Kickstarter Doing Well!

Launched at Noon on Tuesday…

So as I write this, it is less than two days and it is about to hit the second stretch goal and trigger the new series of workshops that will be on Teachable. To say that Kris and I are excited to teach some basic concepts and tropes of science fiction with the help of Rocket-Fuel Rachel and Space-Cowboy Pete would be an understatement. That is going to be so much fun.

And got a hunch those two will be around in different genres and in different forms in different classes.

So back the Kickstarter, get Kris’s wonderful new Diving Novel called COURT MARTIAL OF THE RENEGAT RENEGADES with any reward. And then help us pass the word to get everyone even more fun workshops.

Link to the New Diving Novel Kickstarter…

Also, since I have not finished up reading stories from the special workshops this fall because of my eye issue (which is getting slowly better so I will, honest), Kris is going to read and comment on all the stories from the two special workshops. Here is the write-up about then and we have already worked on these and they are going to be eye-opening for sf writers.

For the writers who love to write science fiction stories and learn the craft of writing, we are offering some very, very special treats through this Kickstarter campaign. These will only be offered through this campaign and nowhere else, so don’t miss them.


This is a special three-week workshop on creating science fiction technologies that will help you more than you can imagine in your writing of science fiction of all kinds. From time travel technologies to faster-than-light ships. From bases on the moon to terraforming planets. Writing them all requires coming up with technologies that sound and feel real to the readers and are not just fake made-up names. That’s what this class is all about. How do you do that?

And Kris will read the stories from the third week.

This special workshop will only be offered through this Kickstarter. Plus you get the new Diving Universe novel.


This is a special three-week workshop on how to write and understand how to create ships as characters in your science fiction. We are not just talking about Hal in 2001 or Ann McCaffery’s The Ship Who Sang. In any form of science fiction that exists in space, the ship plays a major part, and readers love when the ship is almost a character in the story. We will teach you how to do that in both subtle and overt ways to make the ship come alive.

And the third assignment will be writing a short story that Kris will give you feedback on. Yes that is right, Kris will read the stories and respond.

— Get Both!!

You can get both special workshops under the $250 reward level or as an add-on. In two short classes you will take your science fiction writing to another level.

And remember, as a bonus you get the new Diving Universe novel with any reward.

Both three-week classes will be offered starting March 14th or April 11th. Your choice. They will not interfere if you are taking other workshops at the same time.

Link to the New Diving Novel Kickstarter…


And just for fun, here is Kris talking about the campaign. It is short. You might have to click twice to start it.