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Days Off For Kris’s Birthday

We Had Fun…

Saturday is Kris’s birthday, but we started early today (Friday) by me picking up a nifty cake that she can eat that I had done special for her, then we headed out to a Derek Hough show she wanted to see. I like him, but never knew that much about him. All I can say about the show is “Wow!” Very high energy, fantastic dancing, great music. Great fun. Worth seeing if you are in Vegas.

So we came home, had some cake, and watched a few shows.

Tomorrow (on her birthday) we are seeing Katy Perry, which promises to also be fun. (Have I said lately how much I love living in Las Vegas?)

Picture of Kris’s cake. And the taste is wonderful. And yes, that is books all the way around and two books on top.  Made out of some sort of frosting, all of it. Amazing artist did this one. (I messed up the “a” getting it out of the box. (grin))

Happy Birthday, partner. Love you always.