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Day Two: Writing a Novel in a Half Month

Chapter Two: Day Two

… Standard day so far. I will keep doing the hourly breakdowns of the day as I go forward. I’m keeping little notes on a scratch pad so I remember exactly.

Last night, after I signed up, I worked on reading Cave Creek stories for about an hour before at 3 am going to watch some television. Ended up getting to bed around 3:30 am.

Day Two, Entry One.

11:30 am.  Rolled out of bed and got to this computer around 12:30 pm with my breakfast protein bar. That is pretty standard for me these days unless something strange is going on. I spent one hour doing emails and banking and business stuff.

1:30 pm.  I headed off to a local cafe called PublicUs down on Fremont Street, way south of the tourist area, to pick up bread for Kris and sandwiches for our lunch. Yummy lunch watching news.

2:45 pm. Back here to do this update and check email before moving over to the writing computer to do a session.

Day Two, Entry Two.

Oops, forgot to hit publish after that first entry. Ahh, well, no difference. Here is the second entry.

3:15 pm to 4:30 pm. In two sessions of writing with a very short break in the middle, I managed almost exactly 1,600 new words. That’s a good pace for me and felt like things were flowing fine. I cycled back about 300 words into what I wrote last night to get up to speed and from there just zoomed. So all good there.

4:30 pm. Headed down to our office downstairs to continue sorting books and moving stuff around. I managed an hour of that exercise. Between that and other things, getting my steps in for the day.

5:30 pm. Took a twenty minute nap, then headed downstairs to a restaurant isn this building to get Kris and I dinner. (We never sit in a restaurant, just call ahead for take-out.) So done with dinner and watching some news and such by 7:30. Back in here to do email and write this.

Day Two, Third Entry.

7:30 pm. Went to work on workshop stuff, doing some recordings and things, since Kris had headed down to our office on the ground floor. Got done around 9:45 when she got back.

9:45 pm. Doing the video stuff tired me out, so took another nap for 15 minutes, then Kris and I watched some television until about 11:30 pm. Now back here in the office. I still have workshop stuff to do, but think I’ll do a session before I do that.

Day Two, Fourth Entry

11:30 pm.  Ended up not doing a writing session, but instead working on workshop stuff until around 1:15 am. Had to take a break and go stare out at the very quiet streets of Las Vegas on a Friday night.

1:45 am. Finally got back to the writing computer with two hardboiled eggs as a snack and my eye feeling refreshed. I managed 700 words by 2:15 am, really speeding along for me.

2:30 am. With a short break in the middle to stare out the windows again at the quiet night and the empty streets, I managed 650 words with a little cycling back before around 3:15 I said enough and came to finish off this blog for the day.

So my total for the day was 2,950 words. Considering all the other stuff I did today, I’ll take it. And this blog will end up around 650 words for a total consumable words for the day of 3,600.

I seem to be safely on pace to write a 40,000 word novel in about 13 days. Got a hunch I might speed up as I go along, since this has been the opening which I tend to be slower on, but I will for certain, at this pace, be inside finishing a novel in less than half a month. We shall see.


Day One… 3,004 words

Day Two… 2,950 words

TOTAL… 5,954 words


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  • Mark Kuhn

    Thanks, Dean. Here in northwest New Jersey, breaks from writing are spent shoveling snow.
    I realized last night that I have put more miles on my snow blower in the past month than I have put on my car!