Challenge,  On Writing

Day Three: Writing a Novel in Half a Month

Chapter Three: Day Three

Again another regular day so far.

Last night, after I signed off here, I worked on reading a little and ended up going to bed at 4 am.

Day Three, Entry One.

11:30 am.  Rolled out of bed and got to this computer around 12:30 pm. Worked on emails and workshop stuff for an hour. April workshops all posted now. New workshop sale will start tomorrow.

1:30 pm. I headed down to our office and loaded 16 very heavy boxes of books into our SUV to take to the storage unit. Amazingly windy day, gusting up close to 40 mph, but sunny and clear. So with my long Covid hair and the box lids, that was an interesting task.

2:30 pm. I had the boxes unloaded in our storage unit and then, since I was out toward Summerlin, I stopped and got supplies from a vegan deli there for lunches and stuff. Kris had an no-egg salad sandwich and I had barbecue pulled pork and potato salad. Yummy. Not a clue what the pulled pork is made of but tastes just like normal pulled pork.  Done eating at 3:30 pm. Back in here to do this and then get to some writing.

Day Three, Entry Two.

5:00 pm. Well, ended up not writing, but instead working on some other stuff, business and workshop stuff. Then at 5 pm I took off to go to the grocery store, which is out in Summerlin. I then got back and cooked us dinner.

8:00 pm. Finished dinner, took a nap, and got back in here for an hour or more of emails and work on Cave Creek. This day is working out strangely. No writing yet.

9:30 pm. Kris got back from our office and while she read for a bit, I went to take another nap, then we watched television for an hour or so. Now 11:30 pm and I am going to go sit at my writing computer. Still got a bunch of workshop stuff to do, but will do it later. I’ve been up for ten hours, working and running errands and no writing done at all yet. Yup, one of those days.

Day Three, Entry Three.

12:00 midnight. Did a few workshop stuff and emails until midnight, then finally moved over to the writing computer. Got just about 1,000 words done before taking a break at 12:50 to stare out at the city. More activity out there tonight than last night for some reason.

1:oo am. Back to the writing computer and got almost another thousand words done by 2 am. So considering the day, I am happy so far. Going to take a little longer break right now to rest my eye. I might be back for a few more words. I might not.

Day Three, Entry Four.

2:10 am. After a short break of staring out the windows and trying to figure out what people were up to all those floors below, I got back to the writing computer. I did a little cycling back up a few hundred words and then got another five hundred words done before I got to a good stoping point and am going to call this a decent day, considering everything.

Workshop sale starts tomorrow, so I wrote this post of about 600 words and the workshop sale pose earlier of another thousand words or so. So with 2500 words of fiction and 1,600 words of blog posts, a four thousand word day even with two naps and all the running all over town. I’ll take it.

Still on pace for a 13-14 day novel.


Day One… 3,004 words

Day Two… 2,950 words

Day Three… 2,500 words

TOTAL… 8,454 words



  • Thomas Bennett

    When you do these challenges do you just have daily word count targets? Have you ever scheduled your writing time?

    Thanks for doing this again!

    • dwsmith

      Oh, I think at times over the years I had writing time scheduled. Never worked. Now my only target on something like this is dividing the desired word count by the number of desired days to get a daily number and they try to get close or go over. Very rough, no real planning. Planning takes the fun out of it.

  • Sheila

    >>Planning takes the fun out of it.

    For me as well. Can’t outline, can’t set word count goals, can’t set publishing goals. If I don’t just let the story come, let the writing happen, I get nothing at all.