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Day Off… Sort Of…

As Much of a Day Off As I Ever Take…

We had our wonderful cleaning crew here starting just after I got out of bed, so Kris and I wished the cats good luck and headed off to a fun lunch at a place called the Black and Blue Diner.

Then we had an adventure. We went looking for vegan cakes.

Kris had a list of seven or eight she had found online, and we managed in three hours to hit four of them spread all over one part of Vegas. We were so far away from our place to the West, I swore if we drove much farther we would hit California. So being out that way, we stopped in an old pandemic favorite restaurant to get Vegan Italian food. We used to get it take out during the pandemic even though it was a forty minute drive for me to go get it one way.

Worth it. And we got take-out again.

Then home for dinner, a nap, some email, another nap, and then watching some television.

Finally got to the assignments and reading some stories around 11:30 and it is now 1 am so going to write.

A day in the life… But we had two great meals, got our condo cleaned, and found some great vegan cakes, and since Kris’s birthday is coming up, that is a very, very good thing. (grin)