Challenge,  On Writing


We All Make These Kinds of Decisions Every Day…

I have spent the entire day on errands and then recording some videos and then doing assignments and answering email. It’s a Monday.

It is now 2:20 AM and I have not gotten any writing done. So instead of spending my last waking hour tonight doing a long blog, I am going to shut this business screen down and go to my computer and get at least an hour of words done.

There, I lead by example.

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  • Kate Pavelle

    I’m laughing here! I wrote some early in the morning yesterday, but not enough. Busy day on other fronts (art exhibit and lunch with a friend, a long swim – these things add up and I don’t know how Kris manages to do her out of office enrichement and be as productive as she is,) but I was set to write after dinner. Except time crept up on me and it was close to that “I should think about sleep” time. I went upstairs, said “I wonder what my charactes are up to,” and got a whole big chapter done.
    Very happy about that!

    Unfortunately I wake up with the sun. I really shouldn’t stay up past 11 this time of the year. But that’s what coffee is for.

    Yes Dean, you do lead by example!