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Mystery Collection of 100 Stories…

Kris and I liked what happened last year with COLLIDING WORLDS sf collection, so we are doing it again with mystery. Same format… twenty mystery stories per book, ten by her, ten by me, five big books total. Damn these are fun to do.

And the Kickstarter has some really fun surprises. Lots and lots of books and stories for readers, of course. Every award included all five of the CRIMES COLLIDE books. Every reward, even the workshop rewards.

And wow do we have some great stuff in this one for writers.

Two Special three-week workshops like we have been doing. WRITING MYSTERY ENDINGS and WRITING CROSS-GENRE MYSTERY.

I am really, really looking forward to both of those.

But this time we did something really nuts with the stretch rewards as we hit different goals along the way. We have put in an entire series of Pop-Up workshops. Now all ten of these Pop-Up classes will be available in a month to buy on Teachable. But if we do all right on this, you can get some of them up front for no cost other than supporting the campaign with one reward or another.

And if we do fantastic, you will get all ten of them worth $1,500 bucks. Plus books. Not kidding. So help us pass the word.

This special series is what a number of people have been asking for in general.

Using the Pop-Up Structure (#60 to #69) we will offer focused study guides on certain detailed areas of mystery fiction. 

WHO, WHAT, and HOW to Study. 

How do major writers handle something like Cliffhangers in mystery? What exactly do you study in their work? Who exactly do you study to learn the most on a certain topic? How do you study it?
We will do a Pop-Up for the following ten areas of mystery using the WHO, WHAT, and HOW structure. (And yes, in each one we will recommend authors to study and show you how with each author.) Each Pop-Up will be given away in a stretch reward. (To learn mystery endings or writing Cross Genre Mystery, take the two special workshops.)
Note: If we don’t reach all ten in stretch rewards, we will go ahead with putting them up on Teachable and you can buy them later if you want to complete the entire set. But we hope to make the stretch goals and give all ten classes away. That way, writers, you buy the two special three week classes and help us give you even more classes. (grin)
— Mystery Openings 
— Mystery Cliffhangers
— Mystery Main Characters
— Mystery Villans
Mystery Romances 
— Mystery Tropes 
— Mystery Themes
— Mystery Series
— Mystery Voice
— Mystery Plots

We also have workshops up in the rewards at sale prices, like buying three classic workshops, or three regular workshops, or three Pop-Ups at half price. (Get all five books with each.)

And I even added in this time the Lifetime Workshop subscription at half price as well.

WE LAUNCH AT NOON ON TUESDAY WEST COAST TIME.  This campaign is only two weeks long.

The Prelaunch Page is…

And when we launch, make sure you catch the video of Kris and I talking about doing this campaign. Great fun!!


  • Aniket Gore

    Wow! That series of pop-ups looks amazing. Something that I was looking forward to. Thanks for this Dean!

  • Dave Hendrickson

    Love the Kickstarter video!

    The most hilarious moment for me was when you two described past Star Trek collaborations. You would write 80-100 pages of plot. Then, Kris said, “I would add setting and character and dialogue. All that really cool stuff.”

    Glad she could clarify who was responsible for the cool stuff. (grin)

    You two are great! And this Kickstarter leaves writers like me feeling like a kid in a candy store.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Dave. And you’ve been around us in the real world. People don’t understand that’s how we are in real life. (grin)