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Challenge Tonight Forced Me To Write a Story…

No chance in hell would I have written and finished a story tonight without the challenge. I wouldn’t even have gone to my writing computer. You see, I became a real person for a short time today, actually took five hours off of computers and publishing and writing and placed my old body on my couch and watched an entire football game, with yelling and everything that bothered Kris’s writing upstairs.

If you didn’t yell at the Raiders/Chargers game today, you don’t know football or have died a few days ago and no one has buried you yet.

Kris even came down just as the regulation ended in a tie, sort of miffed at my yelling, and was yelling at the screen as well in short order.

Basically it was a five hour roller coaster ride.

And the poor folks in Pittsburg. Wow, the drinking there will be something because if the game here had ended in a tie, the fine folks in Pittsburg would have missed the playoffs.

And it came down to two seconds from ending of overtime as a tie. And if the field goal by the Raiders had been missed in those final two seconds, it would have ended in a tie.

A totally nuts last game of the regular season, maybe one of the best I have ever watched. I can’t even imagine what it was like to be in a major sports book around town during the game.

So I had to get steps after the game, got those, and Kris and I watched a show together, so even though I have about a billion things left undone, I went to my writing computer at 11:30 tonight.

By 1:30 a.m. and two breaks, I had finished a 2,450 word short story in my Seeders Universe. The 9th story in a row.

So besides recording some stuff this morning, working a little on the coming Kickstarter, I felt like I took the day off. Haven’t done that sort of thing in years. Must be caused by me getting older. (grin)

Coming Kickstarter!!!

Here is the prelaunch page. We hope to launch at noon on Tuesday. More about it tomorrow night.



  • Kat Faitour

    That game was the most bonkers, batshit, bananapants thing I’ve ever watched in my life.

    And as lifelong, die-hard Chiefs fans, my brother and I texted about the whole thing (I no longer live in the KC area). As he said, may Brandon Staley never lose his job there. LOLOL

    (I understand if you delete this comment because of profanity–just wanted to comment to you.)

    • dwsmith

      Oh, no, I totally agree. When it is 4th down and 10 five different times and they make it every time… and if they don’t make it every time, the game is over… yeah, you described it spot on the money. (grin)


    Really looking forward to this Kickstarter. Colliding Worlds was incredible so this is already a winner in my book. Can’t wait.

  • D.L. Gardner

    Funny I sat and watched football too. The Hawks and the Cardinals.
    Challenges are definitely a motivator. I still want to do that one that comes with your lesson about food. I started it and then lost myself in a novel instead. Maybe I’ll pick it up again.

  • Annie Reed

    I was writing _during_ that game, and boy did that make the writing challenging. It was a nutso day all around in football land, what with the Colts losing to the Jags and the 49ers winning in OT to push out the Saints. Good job by the Raiders, especially after the year they’ve had.

  • B Litchfield

    Last week on Pardon The Interruption (ESPN), Wilbon blasted sportswriters for filling space with wacky playoff scenarios that absolutely would not happen. First off, no way in hell Jacksonville, whose fans were showing up in clown suits, would upset the Colts. And either of the Pittsburgh or Vegas games ending in a tie … not even a possiblity. Tony Soprano said “Never bet on football.”

  • Dave Raines

    That last drive by the Chargers (and Justin Herbert) was magical. Set up by the whole game, of course. And if the wrong team won, and if there were some goofs by certain personnel on the Chargers, well… still a magical game.

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, but remember I live in Vegas. You know who I was rooting for. Can’t tell you how I shouted at the television when he made 5 different 4th down and 10 plus yards. One was 4th and 21 and not making any of them would have basically ended the game. They are calling it the most exciting Sunday night game in history. I tend to agree.

  • Kate+Pavelle

    Writing from Pittsburgh here – I was plugging away on finishing a story, but my husband (who writes football analysis and compiles the great Draft Board every spring for Steelers Depot, a fan site), was so loud downstairs, I had to come down every so often and watch the replays.
    It was amazing. What were the odds, right?

    Yes, Pittsburgh is hopping and we all hope Big Ben’s arm holds up until Superbowl! That would be a stupendous sendoff for him. (But I’m not holding my breath, the team is still in it’s reconstruction stage.)

    P.S. I finished my story too. I got it in before deadline, courtesy of being 3 timezones away 😉

  • Jim

    I was hoping for a tie… send the Steelers home to their golf clubs. And Dean, I’m a Broncos fan so rooting for either one of them was difficult.

  • Katie

    What a game. I’m a lifelong Raiders fan, so it was intense.
    Kick off wasn’t until 1:00AM here in Ireland, so we were up shouting at the TV at 5:00AM. Thankfully, there’s no neighbors to hear us.
    I got back writing the next morning because of a streak and a challenge even though I was still buzzing from the night before.
    My 2022 challenge isn’t nearly as daunting as 70 for 70, but I’m going for 33 published titles in my 33rd year. And it got me to the chair on a day that very easily could have been declared a national holiday!
    Thanks for the inspiration Dean ?