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Colliding Worlds Five Volume Set…

100 Science Fiction Stories…

Fifty from Kris, fifty from me, in a five volume set.

Colliding Worlds

We are slightly over halfway through the campaign and it is doing great. We hit the third stretch goal, so everyone gets more books and two classic workshops.

Basically, tThis is us having a great time. We have also talked about doing joint collections of some sort of another, and then Gwyneth came up with the idea of us putting 100 of our science fiction stories in the same set of five books called COLLIDING WORLDS and both Kris and I loved the idea.

Really, if you have a few minutes, watch the video. We talk about our writing process a little as well.

Each book will have ten science fiction stories from Kris and ten from me. You can get all five volumes in electronic edition, trade paper, or a signed-limited to 100 copies hardback set.


That’s right, we have in this one the special Kickstarter workshop, only this time two of them.

These two workshops are each three weeks long and you write a story as the third assignment that we will read. You have your choice of taking the workshops in March or April.

HOW TO WRITE A SCIENCE FICTION SHORT STORY… Focused on writing science fiction short stories. This will cover different areas than both the short story workshop and the science fiction regular workshop.

HOW TO WRITE ABOUT THE VASTNESS OF SPACE... This is my favorite because so many writers don’t know how to relay to readers the vastness of space, from describing a vast desert here on Earth to vast distances in space. So many writers don’t even begin to understand the size of a solar system, let along a region of space, let alone the size of a galaxy or the distances between galaxies. Writers just get it wrong more times than not, thus this workshop.

So you want to read 100 of Kris and my science fiction short stories in five volumes, this is the place. And you can add on the workshops or other fun stuff.

Check it out. Colliding Worlds Kickstarter Campaign

Here is the video… I have to admit, we had far too much fun on this one. (grin)