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Amazing. And Wonderful!…

For anyone supporting the Kickstarter, you now get Issue Zero of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, an extra issue on whatever subscription you signed up for, and three different books over the next 18 months. How cool is that?

Only three days left to jump in.

I had some good questions about the workshop credits being offered through the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter.

Question One:

How Can I Get More than Just the One or Three Workshops?

You can get as many workshops as you want in increments of $250. If you want one, there is a reward for that. If you want two, just add $250 to the single reward and you will get two workshop credits.

There is a reward for three, but if you want four or more workshop credits, just add $250 per workshop to that reward. We will get it all figured out and it is very clear on our side. We will contact you as soon as Kickstarter releases the data. (Takes about two weeks for Kickstarter to finalize everything, but you can still take November workshops with the credits if you want.)

Question Two:

How Long Do the Credits Last?

Into the future. You can use them at your own pace. No time limit at all.

Question Three:

Are The Classic Workshop Credits also Good Into the Future?

Yes. You get a credit for a classic workshop with each workshop you sign up through Kickstarter. (That is nowhere on Kickstarter. Just here.) You can use them at any time. As I said in my post last night, more are going classic over the next few months. In fact, I almost have Plotting with Depth moved to Classic.

So again, thanks everyone for the support of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine. It is really going to be fun to bring it back to life after all these years. And make it new at the same time.

Here is the nifty video Kris did for this project once again. Sort of really explains it.