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40 Hours Left As I Write This!!

As I said last night, this Pulphouse Kickstarter campaign is turning out to be great for both writers and readers.

For  writers, there are two special three week workshops that you can only get through this campaign, and in 60 hours or so, we will never offer those workshops again. They are HOW TO WRITE A PULPHOUSE STORY and HOW TO MONETIZE SHORT FICTION.

They are $150 each and you will have a story assignment for the last assignment in each. Or you can get both for $250. You can take them starting September 7th or October 5th. Your choice.

You also get a year’s Pulphouse Fiction Magazine subscription with the workshop.

And if you buy one or both of the other workshops, you also get the four Pop-Up class for writers, worth $150 each, for no cost. Plus more books.

And if we hit the seventh stretch reward (outside chance, a little over three thousand away) you will get a fifth Pop-Up class.

Again $750 worth of writers classes as our thanks for helping us with this campaign.

So this campaign is really amazing for writers. And don’t miss the two special workshops. I am looking forward to reading your stories.

Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2021 Kickstarter campaign.

ONLY ABOUT FORTY HOURS LEFT!!!!!!! We can hit that next stretch goal. It is possible.