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Cool Deck of Cards

Been Wanting to Do This For A Long Time…

Finally, just tonight, after designing and ordering a nifty set of Cold Poker Gang chips in a nifty case last night, tonight I put together a Cold Poker Gang deck of cards. All eleven book covers randomly placed on 54 cards.

Next week we are firing up a Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter campaign to help us get all eleven books into hardback and also to give fans of the series an early look at BOTTOM PAIR, the eleventh novel in the mystery series.  Plus we will have limited signed editions and a few limited poker chip sets and these decks of cards, also signed by me and limited, at least the first batch of them.

The decks of cards will not be sold! They will be included for free with the limited edition books, the full sets of hardbacks, and the Poker Chip set. If you don’t understand why we will not sell these, but just give them as an advertising bonus, let me simply say that at the moment all eleven books are using standard licenses for the art on the cover. If you still don’t understand, you have some reading to do where you get your cover art. (grin)

However, the place I had these made has what is called “A Market Place” where (if I got the extended licenses for these covers) I could put this deck of cards up for sale and also we could sell it on our web site and other places. We’ll see how this goes this time to make that decision. A Poker Boy deck or two of cards could be great fun as well.

So really fun stuff in this coming campaign, plus a three week special workshop that Kris and I have put together on Writing Mystery Series.

Stay tuned next week. When live, I’ll give a shout here.

And just for fun, here is a screen shot of one layout sheet of the deck of cards. And where I did them as well. I also did a deck with just the  BOTTOM PAIR cover on the back of all 54 cards (two jokers).