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Decade Ahead Second Quarter 2020

Seven New Videos Are There…

Also, since this second quarter is so different than any normal second quarter for writers, we have decided that no only will this Decade Ahead class go through the end of the year, but we will do the second quarter, and more than likely the third quarter, next year with a bunch of normal videos about how to get through these months writing in a normal year.

This month, like last month, I have some videos up on how to write through this pandemic there as well.

So another class gets extended.

The licensing transition is already extended for a full year as well. Both of those classes are great bargains now.

And speaking of licensing, I just designed some Cold Poker Gang poker chips tonight and ordered a full case set of them to see what it looks like. Fun stuff. And I am working on a special deck of Cold Poker Gang cards to be in the case and maybe sell through channels. Great fun all the way.

And writing was going to have two clear days, but both days choked up with a ton of different life event stuff right from the start and I got not one word done to finish the novel. It is a very unusual day when I am standing outside the new WMG office at 7:30 am. What sleep?