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A Blog Post Worth Reading

From a Bestseller Going Indie…

Interesting stuff. Worth the read. They have been hybrid for a while, but looks like the math got them finally on the side of indie. (grin) Math can do that.

And note they kept saying “Forever” when talking about rights.

Anyhow, nothing else tonight except I have Smith’s Monthly #45 headed for publication and I almost have #46 together.

So here is the link that you really should, for fun and education, go read.

Flowers and Questions



  • Chris

    My wife is a big fan of Ilona Andrews’ books so this was particularly interesting. I’m not keeping a list, but it feels like there is a lot more of this going on right now, i.e. being talked about more openly as more and more trad/hybrid pubbed authors are going indie, publishing their backlists and, now, new titles. It feels like one of those “it’s happening” moments, but I guess its been happening for a little while now and more authors are talking about it. Thanks for sharing this, Dean.

  • J.R. Johnson

    I’m a big fan of Ilona Andrews and have been watching their progress away from purely traditional while also reading you and Kris discuss indie publishing. Given IA’s audience and reach, I’ve been wondering why they stuck with their publishers as long as they have. Regardless, it’s great to see them find new ways to get their work out and I love to see them make money, because it means more books for readers. Win win!

  • Kate Pavelle

    What caught my eye is that their agent negotiated a better placement with Apple books. I didn’t know that was possible, although at my level it probably doesn’t make any difference. Dean, do you know any writers in your close circle who do that? If so, how much WIBBOW energy does that require?
    Inquiring minds, and all that.

    • dwsmith

      Not worth it. Anymore than getting books in B&N is worth it. You can do both with enough hoops and enough money, but not worth it. So I just think it is better to let the myth ride that indie writers can’t do things like that. Saves them a lot of trouble and me explaining over and over how to get books into B&N.

      Just do your larger books through Ingram Sparks and let them ride and write more.