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Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter Launched

Fun New Campaign…


We’re trying to get The Cold Poker Gang books into hardback. And I have a new novel in the series called BOTTOM PAIR coming out later this year. So if you want to get an early read of BOTTOM PAIR, you can do so through this Kickstarter Campaign.

Plus limited edition signed hardback set of all eleven of The Cold Poker Gang novels. Plus a limited edition signed hardback of BOTTOM PAIR.

And a very, very limited set of Cold Poker Gang chips, with the special decks of cards in a metal case.

On top of all that, there is a special workshop that you can only sign up for through the Kickstarter that Kris and I put together. It is HOW TO WRITE MYSTERY SERIES. It’s three weeks long and will be offered in July and August. Your choice. $150.

And you can get discounts on other workshops and lectures and on and on.

And some great stretch goals that will not only get you reading, but workshops and lectures, and even more if this goes high enough.

A fun campagin.

The Cold Poker Gang has become my bestselling series by far and I love writing them. A task force of retired Las Vegas detectives solving cold cases. They are very twisted mysteries.

Take a look at Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter Campaign when you get a chance.

Here is the video.