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Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter Hit Two Stretch Goals!!

Gets Great From Here On Up!!

Any supporter will now get three books and a choice of lectures just for supporting the kickstarter. And with each stretch goal hit now, more reading and more workshops, pop-ups, and so on. (The “so on” will be really amazing for anyone if we get there. (grin))

And I am excited because now we are finally going to get the Cold Poker Gang entire series into hardback. I want that set of books on my shelf. Just having it there will make me write more and more books in the series, I can tell you that. I am that superficial at times. (grin)

So thank you, everyone, for the support and I hope you will continue to pass the word. Means a great deal to me.

Here is the link to the Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter.

Here is the image of all the books (imagine how that will look in a hardback set with dust jackets.)

And here is the video explaining the entire project.

And here is what some of the cards look like in the special sets with the chips and limited editions.



  • Britt Malka

    I will just say that I’m doing a great job telling people about this on Facebook and Skype, even in personal message s 😀

    But yeah, this is great!