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Still Time to Get Into June Workshops

A Bunch of Great Ones…

First week will be done on Tuesday and Wednesday, but if you jump in and let me know, I’ll still read your first assignment. And then you can stay with the workshop the rest of the way. First weeks are often summary weeks and focus weeks.

So to get to them, go to June Regular Workshops on Teachable. To find them, just remember to hit “see all courses” and then scroll down to the regular workshops.

Some really good workshops and the brand new KILLING THE CRITICAL VOICE workshop is also starting. So here is the list. A good month for workshops and to keep you learning and distracted from the world and focused on writing and publishing.

Class #51… June 2nd … Endings in Fiction
Class #52… June 2nd … Attitude in Fiction
Class #53… June 2nd … Publishing101
Class #54… June 2nd … Writing with Speed
Class #55… June 2nd … Teams in Fiction
Class #56… June 3rd … Depth in Writing
Class #58… June 3rd … Licensing 101
Class #59… June 3rd… Information Flow
Class #60… June 3rd… Killing Critical Voice


  • JT

    The first week of the new Killing Critical Voice workshop has exceeded expectations and leads up to a clever first assignment that helps us hone in on and personalize the challenge. While the venerable Depth workshop is no doubt the most vital for learning to write well, Killing Critical Voice is necessary to be able to write at all. Highest recommendation.

  • Cora

    JT beat me to it. The first week of Killing Critical Voice is amazing. And it’s designed for me to tailor my killing tactics to my own particular critical voice weirdness. It’s helped a tremendous amount already.