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Cold Poker Gang Book Free Right Now

Kill Game… First Book In the Series

It is free right now just about everywhere, because it will be on a Bookbub on Saturday. So you can grab it any time.

Cold Poker Gang is a series of puzzle mysteries where retired Las Vegas detectives join the Cold Poker Gang task force to solve cold cases. Strangely enough, there is a cold case task force here in Vegas, two guys, that I didn’t know about when I started this series a decade ago. Not sure they existed back then.

I love these books and hope to write more in the series this coming year.

Below is a nifty book video for the entire series that Gwyneth Gibby did at WMG Publishing. Hits the mood perfectly in my opinion.

Take a look at the short film and then grab the free first book and see what you think. (And yes, I am pushing one of my own books here on my own site. Yikes!)




  • Philip

    I read this book and enjoyed it, and enjoyed most of the series (still working my way through it). I also love the story around you creating the series and how they started out moving modest numbers in storefronts then eventually exploded–great example of continuing to write what you love and not writing to market and not viewing books as fruit that spoils.