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Fun Extra Stuff In the Sale

So Many To Pick From…

So with Kris’s help, I figured I would put a few up here that you can get for half price that are great, great deals. And hidden for the most part. I mentioned these in August.

  • SERIES INTERVIEWS… I interviewed Kris about ten of her series first stories or books. Trust me, more about writing, publishing, and writing series in these 40 videos than you can imagine. This is a stunning deal at full price, but at half price, it is amazing.
  • BUY THREE… You can get 3 regular workshop credits, 3 pop-up credits, 3 classic workshop credits, or three lecture credits to use at any time into the future. We discounted these a lot, but then you add the half-price on top of the normal discounts and these are amazing.
  • CLASSIC WORKSHOP BUNDLES… There are two of them, one for six classic workshops and one for seven. They basically discount the classic workshops to $100 each from $150. Then you cut that in half for the half price sale and it is stunning. But you cannot switch out the workshops in the bundle. But even if you have already taken one or two, this is an amazing deal.
  • MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY FULL YEAR... Already almost done with the third quarter, so a fantastic amount of advice videos already in this one. Well over a hundred. Worth it at full price, but at half price an amazing amount of knowledge and information and motivation of different types. And still got five months left of new motivation every Monday. One word of caution, if you backed the Fey Kickstarter, the first three quarters you will get through that shortly.
  • ANY OF THE CHALLENGES are great deals at half price, because even if you miss, you get full price in workshop credits, and if you made the challenge you get a lifetime subscription.
  • Any of the LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTIONS at half price is a fantastic deal.
  • And maybe the best deal you can imagine at half price is the BUSINESS MASTER CLASS. I still have two more full workshops to include, but even at full price, this class is an amazing deal. Half price it becomes a steal.

To get anything on Teachable in the next three days at half price, simply hit purchase what you want, then on the next page put in the code:


and hit apply and you should be able to get it for 50% off.