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Classic Workshop Kickstarter Offer

Two Workshops For the Price of One…

A week or so back I mentioned that if you support the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter by buying an online workshop credit. ($300 value for $250 through the Kickstarter), you will get for each workshop credit, a Classic Workshop Credit as well. (A $150 value.) Plus you get a subscription to the magazine as well.

Well, ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT to get this offer.

That’s right, the Kickstarter only has four days left.

So don’t miss out on this one.

And remember, you can get as many credits as you like. Even though the one reward says three workshops, just add to your pledge in increments of $250 in that reward to get more workshops than three. And the workshop credits can be used at any time going forward for the monthly online workshops.

And when this is all over, around the first of the month when Kickstarter clears everything, we will ask you for your Classic Workshop choices, or if you would like to leave those as credits as well for the future.


The classic workshops are just the six week workshops, only you don’t turn in the assignments to me. Everything else is there, and you can do them as quickly or as slowly as you like. About 40 or so videos per workshop.

Right now, available at are the following classic workshops. Each are $150 unless you get them free with a regular workshop through the Kickstarter.

Available now…

Writing Series
Adding Suspense
Character Voice and Setting
Ideas to Story
Genre Structure.

Coming in the next month or so…

Writing Thrillers
Writing Science Fiction
Plotting with Depth

plus others…

By December there will be at least ten classic workshops up on Teachable with more coming next year.

So FOUR DAYS LEFT in the Kickstarter. Help us get Pulphouse Fiction Magazine off the ground and also get a deal on workshops. $450 worth of workshops for a $250 pledge.



    • dwsmith

      Yeah, amazing, and we are madly working on the cover for the book to show everyone. We were not prepared. Didn’t expect this to go this high. (grin) We had hoped, but clearly not enough to do the covers for the stretch goal books ahead. (grin)