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Chapter Six: Writing a Novel in Five Days While Traveling



Fourth day of writing on the novel and it turned out fine, but I didn’t make up any ground. But I had a great day both writing and on the vacation part.

I ended up with 8,200 words, but had been hoping for a few thousand more. I might still get some more in, but I’ll add them onto tomorrow if I do since it’s 4 a.m.

Detailing Out the Day…

Once again I made it out of bed by noon and by 1 p.m. I had showered, gotten dressed, and was headed for lunch with the guys in the buffet.

Yes, we are eating most meals in the buffet because, to be honest, it’s fantastic and they keep changing the food from day to day, so it’s been different every time we have eaten there.

And besides, I have two novel series, including the one I’m writing, that use that buffet as a setting.

Can’t figure out I like the place, can you? (grin)

We sat around for two hours in the buffet eating great food and talking, then we all headed back to our rooms. I went to write and nap and they went to watch the football games and nap.

I managed 3,800 words and did my e-mail and such between 3:30 and 7:30, plus got a nap. Not bad.

Back to the buffet for dinner.  We ate there until around 10:00 when they went to play in the nightly poker tournament and I came back up here to write.

I managed another 3,300 words by 1 a.m. when I got a text that they were both out of the tournament and were heading for a restaurant to get a snack. I joined them and managed to get back here to the room around 3 a.m.

I finished up another 1,100 word session by 5 a.m. to stop and do this chapter.

So even though I have a back-up plan if I can’t finish the book, I am still feeling that finishing the novel is possible by tomorrow evening.

So not going to change the cover or the title of these chapters just yet. I’ve been  known to have some big days and I honestly have no idea where this book is going or how long it will be. If it goes too much past forty thousand words, it will take a sixth day. But if it comes in at forty thousand or a few thousand under, five is still possible I think.

So right now, since I have some ice tea in me and don’t feel that tired, I think I’ll do another session or two.

Just might finish this in five days while traveling after all. We shall see.

A Couple of Things About This Challenge I Realized Today

— Focus. Doing something like this requires a focus I wasn’t sure I would be able to do. I didn’t change any of my vacation plans today, but instead of coming back to the room and turning on the television and watching one of the football games, I sat down to write.

Also, when left with a choice to sit in a poker tournament I didn’t feel like playing in or go write, I picked writing. My focus was on what I was having fun with and this novel and this writing is great fun.

— Alone. Not a chance in the world would I try this kind of thing if I hadn’t been traveling and staying in this suite alone. Nope. I wouldn’t even think of trying it if Kris was traveling with me.

Back to focus for a reason for that.

The Writing of ACE HIGH: A Cold Poker Gang Mystery

 Day 1… Words written… 8,000.  Total so far… 8,000 words.
Day 2… Words written… 7,600.  Total so far… 15,600 words.
Day 3… Words written… 3,800.  Total so far… 19,400 words.
Day 4… Words written… 8,200.  Total so far… 27,600 words.


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  • Sean McLachlan

    I’ve been following this series with interest because next month I’ll be spending two weeks in Cairo visiting a friend and working on a novel set there. I’ve been to Cairo before but it’s still going to be distracting (pyramids, hello???). I’ll have to work on my focus while still having fun.