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Fun Kickstarter Workshops

Details of the Kickstarter Workshop Deals…

I thought I would outline the fun details of the workshops being offered in this nifty Year of the Cat Kickstarter project.

— Year of the Cat Detailed Study of All 100 Stories.

The books will come out one anthology per month for 12 months. Each anthology will have either eight or nine stories in it. Kris and I will talk about what makes each story work and I will do a video focused to fiction writers at learning craft on why the story worked, what makes it work, and so on. ALL POSITIVE.

You will get all twelve books and read the stories each month and listen to the videos and ask questions. Someone asked if Kris has a story in the book or I have a story in the book, who will talk about the story? Kris will tell me why one of my stories work, I will do the look for her stories. (grin)

The workshop is $500 for the full year and if you sign up for it now, through Teachable, you will get the same stretch rewards as those on Kickstarter will get, assuming we reach stretch rewards. But only for the time of the Kickstarter. Once the Kickstarter closes, this offer goes away.

— How to Write a Cat Story Special Workshop

Only offered through the Kickstarter. Just as we did with the Pulphouse stories and the Holiday stories, this special workshop will only last 3 weeks and you have your choice of starting April 7th or May 5th.

And yes, this will be very different from those other two special workshops. Very different.

The cost is $150 and you can ONLY sign up through Kickstarter. Not offered on Teachable or through any of the lifetime subscriptions.

And you will write a cat story as the third assignment and it will be considered for the publications Kris and I edit. A good cat story often fits anywhere.

— Learn Along Licensing Class

Learn Along Licensing Class was a class offered in the spring of 2019 that followed Dean through his first time at the major Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. His preparation, his time at the Expo, and videos afterwards about the learning.

This class lead into the year-long Licensing Transition class that is going on now. This Learn Along class has been closed for new sign-ups since last July, but for this Kickstarter campaign, we thought we would open it up at the same price ($200) in case anyone wanted to go through the videos and pictures. Over 50 videos and countless pictures.

Plus you will get the large 100 story Year of the Cat collection and the extra Kris collection.

You want to start thinking about how licensing can improve your income sources and maybe you are thinking of going to the Licensing Expo this May in Las Vegas, or even next May, you need this. You can only sign up for it through this Kickstarter.

— Specials on Lectures and Workshops on Kickstarter

— You can get $50 lectures plus the large 100 story ebook collection and a cat collection from Kris for $45.00. This is worth $80 for $45.00. (Plus, if we hit the stretch goals with lectures and workshops, you get a lot more reading and workshops.

— You can get a regular monthly workshop which is normally $300 for $250. You can take the workshop at any time or use the $300 credit toward anything else. Plus you get the large 100 story ebook collection and a cat collection from Kris. So the value is $330 for $250 plus you get all the stretch rewards if we get that far.

— Or you can get 3 workshops for $750, a $930 value.

— Or you can get $1,250 workshop credit for $1,000. Use the credit for anything on teachable.

— Also, lots of writing books available at a discount as well.

— Or you can get a Lifetime Workshop Subscription for $2,500. Normally $3,000. And at this moment, there are over $17,000 in workshop value in that Lifetime Workshop Subscription.

— And lastly, if you want me to be your cheerleader, help you, for a full year and more, you can get one of the two mentor positions. This is not discounted. And if you want to come directly to me on that instead of Kickstarter, feel free to write me.

So click this to check out everything on the Year of the Cat Kickstarter campaign.

And click here if you want to check out all the hundreds of lectures and workshops available on Teachable.