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Card Sharp Silver… Day 7

Writing Picked Up Speed…

Just wish the Kickstarter for Cave Creek would.

So today I managed to get in here to my internet computer around 11 am or so, doing business and emails. Then around noon I headed out once again for some errands.

Bank, store for a few things I missed yesterday. Made it back after a few business calls while in the parking lot of the store, by two. Got disinfected and then Kris and I headed out for a walk to lunch.

We walked the mile to the restaurant and back through the mostly empty streets of downtown Las Vegas, then back with our carry out lunch and ate it in our glass alcove looking out over the city. Beautiful day.

Then I got back to my office around 4 pm. Did a little more business and then took a nap before moving to my writing computer for an hour. Managed just under a thousand words.

Off to cook dinner. I made spaghetti. Froze four more meals just like it, so basically I cooked five meals. A good batch, too.

Then a little more internet stuff, including doing a blog about the really amazing Cat Bundle that Kris put together that has the novel I finished two weeks ago in it as an exclusive. Ring Game: A Cold Poker Gang Novel is a cat novel as well. Grab the bundle.

Another short nap before writing another 500 words. By this point it was 9:30 pm and Kris and I went out for a walk to finish up our steps.

Then we watched an episode of The Rookie, then by 11:30 I was back in here and at the writing computer.

So notice I managed four times to get to the writing computer today. Clearly my focus is changing. Managed just over 3,000 words for the day before I stopped at 1:30 and came to write this.

So finally picking up speed.

A note to you folks in the Shared World Class. I have some more videos to put up in the next few days in that class that will start into the actual learning of how to write in shared worlds. Stay tuned.


  • Harvey Stanbrough

    Double great news, Dean. Glad to hear your picking up speed (sessions) on your novel and glad to hear more vids are coming soon on Shared Worlds.

    I’ve been staying busy with my own novel and with Licensing Transition and Licensing 101 and the free workshop about Kickstarter and developing my own shared world and oh yeah, Advanced Depth. What a great, eye-opening workshop that is! And other stuff, but all kudos to you. (grin)

  • Cathy Smith

    I was wondering if I could apply a $250 pledge to the Future Series #1: Refresh and Renew workshop? I missed the 50% sale but time opened up for me like it did everyone else.

    • dwsmith

      You sure can. And we will be finished with the Kickstarter in five days and will be very quick about getting out surveys and such to get everyone their books and rewards.

      The amounts on the Pledges on Kickstarter Cave Creek are basically like credit on teachable. You can apply them where you want. The $250 pledge is worth $300 in credit.