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Card Sharp Silver… Day 4

Wow Was Today Another Rest Day…

Worse than yesterday, actually. Not one, not two, but three naps. All 15 minutes or so, and I am finally starting to feel awake. Amazing how stressed I was over the last few weeks. Glad I can take the time now to just rest.

So made it to my internet computer around 11 am again and worked business and letters and stuff there until around 1 pm. Then I decided I would give the novel some time, so after a first quick nap, I got to the writing computer and managed about an hour and just at 1,000 words.

Really enjoying this book. So around 2:30 Kris and I went out for a walk to one of our favorite restaurants and got take-out. Las Vegas is completely locked down, but the rules allow us to walk outside and also restaurants to do take-out only. So we are trying to support our regular restaurants through all this craziness.

The rough part of this is that we had to eat lunch in our glass dining nook that is part of our penthouse condo overlooking Las Vegas. Tough life. (grin)

Then I took a second nap, then back to record some workshop stuff and do more email and business. Almost caught up, not quite, but almost.

I worked there until around 6:30 pm, then cooked us a steak dinner and we watched the local news. Then back to my internet computer to do more recording and emails and such. (Sunday is always a busy day that way, and because I am behind, a little more right now, but that will clear in the next day or so.)

Then another nap and Kris and I watched an episode of Picard before I got back into my office again. Finally around midnight I went back to the writing computer and got another 750 words done before my brain said, “Nope.”

So over here to this internet computer to write this and then go sleep. Got a hunch tomorrow I will only need my one normal nap. But having the freedom to take naps when I want is certainly wonderful, I must admit.


  • James Palmer

    Hi Dean,

    I am loving these daily writing updates. I am bogged down in my current novel, between my mother’s stroke and this corona madness. Reading of your successes and struggles helps keep me focused. Thanks.