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Card Sharp Silver… Day 17

Not Sure Why I Count Days Like Today.

A thousand words in 45 minutes out of an entire day should not name the day. But, alas, that is how this daily blog-report started, so onward I go.

Normal time to the computer here at 11 am. Worked on emails for about an hour, then switched over to working on the Kickstarter campaign we are launching later this week.

I did that until lunch at 2 pm, then Kris and I sat in our alcove looking out over the empty city and eating and working on the Cats Anthologies, getting the first few ready to go to WMG. (Remember there will be 12 of them, 100 cat stories total. I will talk about each one after it is published in the class on Teachable.)

Then back to more email and more on Kickstarter before a nap and a walk and then dinner and a show. The Rookie tonight.

So around 8 pm I got into this office again, did more email, then spent the next two hours solid doing nothing but finishing up the Kickstarter campaign and getting it submitted for approval through Kickstarter. (This will be a fun one. And a short one. All nonfiction.)

Then a short walk and back to watch a show with Kris and then the late news. I have to admit, at that point, I was done, not interested in even writing this blog.

So did a few email, then turned to my writing computer just because I needed some fun and got a thousand words done in 45 minutes. Amazing what happens when you sit down in front of your writing computer.

Then back here to finish up email and write this blog. Got a ton done today, just only 45 minutes of fiction.

Don’t forget, the last few days of the really amazing cat bundle from

My novel Ring Game is part of the bundle, a new Cold Poker Gang novel. Not available anywhere else at the moment.

I am very, very proud to have been a part of this bundle. The writers in this one are stunning.


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  • Harvey

    I’ve had some days like that recently, but yesterday had a 4500 word day. My new mantra is Keep Coming Back. I don’t have quite as much to shove to the side as you do though. (grin) And still slipping off Heinlein’s Rule 4. Always something to catch up on.