Card Sharp Silver… Day 12

Got Smacked by Monday…

Life and business must continue, and tends to happen on Monday a great deal. And this Monday was no exception.

I started off climbing out of bed at a little after 8 am and by about 8:50 am I was at Smith’s market. You see, they only let old people like me into the store from 8 to 9 and the shelves were stocked.

Since the planet was hoarding paper products, and we were using paper towels much faster than normal, figured I needed to go in search to make it through the next few weeks.

So a little success at Smiths (All stores limit to only one packet), more success at Walmart (bigger packet), nothing at Albertsons, a big packet at a second Walmart, and home by a little before 10 am. So back up to a normal supply for us now. We have no where to hoard anything in our condo.

So a long nap until 1:30 pm, a little email and then lunch.

Lunch turned into an almost two hour business and planning meeting with Kris which was great, then a little after 3 pm Allyson called and there was another business meeting until after 5 pm, which was also great. Lots of great stuff we are working on. Excited about it all.

I then did some workshop recording for a half hour or so.

Then Kris and I went out for a walk. 76 degrees, beautiful sun, lots of people out walking. We ended up getting close on our walk to a favorite Thai restaurant and called in a to-go order and picked it up for dinner.

Watched another episode of Picard with dinner, then another nap, then I finally got into my office to do assignments and emails around 8 pm.

At ten took a break and Kris and I watched a little Voice and I watched the local news. So back in here finishing up assignments around 11:30 and finally at 12:15 am I made it to my writing computer.

One session, one thousand words, before coming back to this internet computer to do this at 1 am.

So it was a Monday.


Clock is really ticking down and we are getting closer to that stretch goal where readers get another novel to read and writers get a $50 lecture.

So even in these strange times, pass the word, see if we can make that final run in the last day or so.

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  • emmiD

    Usually one day each week is what I call Biz Day, whether that be promotional posts or handling money matters or updating ISBNs. I’ve been slowly investigating podcasting, but haven’t managed to record a first episode. For the first ones, I think I need a script, so that’s another Biz Day tinkering.

    By the way, kitchen towels work better than paper towels for all but the worst messes. (I save them for the icky clean-up then switch to the cloth.) Just throw them in the washer and re-use. That saves running out of the paper towels.

    • dwsmith

      EmmiD, unless you are touching a towel once and tossing it in the washer over and over, the virus will stay on towels. So caution there. Different world at the moment. We use the paper towels for cleaning with disinfectant and for hand washing and things like that. For regular things, yes, towels are fine. Just caution with the virus.

  • Kessie

    Glad to hear you’re hanging in there! I’ve been doing the 12 books in 12 month publishing challenge on my own (which means writing a few books, since I only had enough for 5 months in the backlog). But with the panic on, sales aren’t amounting to much. Is it worth it to keep on publishing, even during the Year of the Black Swan? :-p

    • dwsmith

      Oh, heavens, yes. You are trapped in produce think like a traditional publisher. Books are not like bananas. They do not spoil if they don’t sell well right away. Books last 70 years past your death and often are just as fresh as the first day you wrote it decades later. So why would you stop writing? And publishing just because of some world event. Trust me, after 70 years on this planet, this is just another world event and it too shall pass. Just keep writing and having fun and telling yourself stories and getting the books out. Sales will happen when they happen. But if you have no books, there will be no sales. So don’t stop.