Card Sharp Silver… Day 1

More Like a Prolog Day…

Sort of got things focused and started. And managed some writing, about a prolog’s worth.

As I will be doing, and have done in the past, I will detail out my day, all the good and the bad. In general, of course. But you get a chance to see how a business person and a professional writer live and write.

And I will keep this up until Card Sharp Silver: A Cave Creek Novel is done. I will have other blogs between the writing blogs at times. And I might even put these blogs together in a book at some point if they end up being worth anything. Time will tell on that.

So onward with the day.

Rolled out, ate a protein bar for breakfast, and got to my computer by 11 am. And that’s where I stayed with email and business until almost 2 pm when I headed downstairs to get lunch for me and Kris.

A restaurant in our building is staying open for take-out only and when I got in there, about ten others were there waiting for orders as well. And wow was that strange, with all ten of us staying a good twenty feet apart, spaced evenly all over the restaurant. And when one person was at the counter, the rest of us stayed way back.


After lunch I had some business phone calls with Allyson and then went back to the email and such until I took a twenty-minute nap at 6 pm. Then I cooked us dinner (steak and stir fry), then back into my office to record ten videos for the Kickstarter Best Practices and get those up.

Then Kris and I went out for a walk to get our steps around the very empty downtown Las Vegas. Even the homeless have been gathered up for the most part. Then we watched a show on television that we had recorded.

By that point it was almost midnight and I headed back into my office and got my page formatting set up to write this new novel. Took about ten minutes. I use Word on a Mac with a double screen.

And I got out a fresh pad of yellow legal paper for notes as I go along.

I got lost for a short time looking up some nifty stuff in an Old West book about mining towns, then sat down about 12:30 am and typed in a woman’s name who was in a stage coach in 1903 headed toward Cave Creek.

If you ever get a chance to ride in a real stage, do so, but make sure the ride is short, the ground smooth, and the heat of the day reasonable. Just trust me.

About a thousand words later my eye started to give out, so I stopped and came to write this. It is now 1:30 am and I am exhausted from far, far too much computer time. So off to get a snack and watch some television before heading to sleep.

And that’s the boring day. More words tomorrow, if I am lucky.

So the book is started after a very strange week. And that’s a win. Onward into Card Sharp Silver.


  • Kate Pavelle

    Showing up matters. Just like at the gym. As long as we all show up at that open document page, those stories and books will continue happening. Well done!

    • Mark Kuhn

      This is well said, Kate.
      I have discovered that sitting at the computer and following Dean’s advice of typing the next sentence actually works.

  • E. R. Paskey

    Yay for starting a new rollercoaster! I’m looking forward to following this journey and reading the end result. Grateful we can escape into fiction when need be during all this. 🙂