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Business Structure Pop-Up

We Planned on Doing This…

But just moved it up after the reaction to my post. This is about the structure of a writing business. It is not legal or accounting advise, but an awareness of what is possible with a writing business.

Basically I tell you how Kris and I are doing many business things, or have done a lot of business methods in the past and why. Again, not legal advice, but I do talk a great deal about corporations and why to use them and how to license to them and take money out of them.

So Pop-Up #16: Business Structure is available now on Teachable. It is also in the Pop-Up #11-20 Bundle.

This one might make you more money and save you more money than you can imagine. And yes, there is a short story prompt with it.



  • Amity Thompson

    Question: How will this differ from the Business Series in the lectures? Once my Kickstarter pledges process, I was planning on using them to get the business bundle–as I’ve just started mine, seemed like a wise idea to avoid what mistakes I can. Thus, I have strong interest in the differences this pop up will have vs those courses.

    • dwsmith

      Business series in the lectures will give you a bunch more information. This is more focused on business set-up of corporations. So stick with the business lectures.

  • Denise Gaskins

    How does this compare to the other business workshops? If I’ve done the others, would this add something new, or would I be better off going through the longer ones again for review?

    • dwsmith

      This is far more personal and down into the details of what Kris and I have done. I can’t give legal advice, but I can tell you examples of what we have done that has worked or not worked and why, to help you plan. So some similar, some new and presented differently.

    • dwsmith

      It will be available for a few weeks, then it will still be available in the bundles. Only thing that goes away after a few weeks is the ability to sign up outside the bundle and the short story turn-in.