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Romance Workshop Going On Here Now

And I Am Recording Kris’s Lectures for the Study Along…

I realized tonight how really good these Study Along workshops are. Kris does a ton of videos about books on her reading list, then assigns stories, and I record her lectures from my point of view on a topic.

And if you are taking the Study Along, you can turn in a story by the deadline and I will read it. First assignment of the Romance Workshop Study Along I ended up with 12 stories I will be reading over the next day or so. And just tonight I gave out story assignment #2.

And the best deal is the Lifetime Subscription to the Study Along workshops. Because in there you get both the Series and the Mystery we have already done earlier this year, plus the Romance going on now, and three more for 2020 and who knows how much more going into the future.

The Science Fiction Craft workshop in January will be forming in the next few days and in a week or so I will send out the reading list for it to both the writers coming here and the Study Along writers.

Even if you haven’t read the books, you can get the reading lists for each workshop that Kris puts together, read them slowly, then watch the video Kris does talking about each book. And the story assignment would be great story prompts.

And then, of course, my recorded lectures. Just today alone I think there were over ten videos on romance that I recorded from the notes Kris gave me on what she is teaching.

The writers here working with Kris get a ton more (and they get each study along as well for afterwards), but wow, the Lifetime Subscription to the Study Along workshops is a great investment in learning craft and different genres. Maybe the best investment we offer outside of the regular Lifetime Subscription to Online Workshops.

Check them out on Teachable.