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Bunch of Stuff

But Nothing Finished…

Worked on finding some art for a few projects, worked on some experiments on learning InDesign, worked on the next chapter of the Trademark For Fiction Writers book. (Have about three chapters done now, so will start posting soon.)

Recorded another week of the Writing Westerns workshop. Will start recording the new Attitude Workshop soon.

And I worked on this nifty thing on fiction writing myths that got triggered by a number of events. A couple of questions while in Colorado, a few letters the last few nights, and then me bringing back up Pulp Speed. All those and a few other things (I can’t remember right off) got Kris and I working on how to present in a clear fashion a series of lectures on all the writing myths.

And yes, they will be lectures under the Lifetime Lectures, so if you have a lifetime lecture subscription, you will get them automatically. (I would highly suggest a Lifetime Lecture Subscription going forward. There are a lot of myths.)

They will be structured in groups of five, so stay tuned, that is going to be cool and really, really informative. And fun for me to do.

Now I am off to really start reading the challenge stories I am behind on. And looking forward to that because I love reading short stories.


Oh, wait, one more thing… Really proud of a new Poker Boy collection that is out only in the new Storybundle. Check it out. One novella and two stories about Lady Luck’s daughters and two stories about Lady Luck herself. Get the bundle. Worth it, folks!




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