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Challenge Stories Headed Back to Writers

Some of You Already Know This…

Some of you will find out more in the next three or four days. But the reason I didn’t respond to stories in the challenge over the last three or four weeks was because I wanted to read three or four stories from the same author at the same time.

I figured what that would do was give me a real sense of any strengths and weaknesses and I would be able to tell the writer if I saw anything.

Plus there are few enough signed up and still going in the Great Challenge for me to be able to do this. (And yes, you can still sign up and start at any point.)

I decided to do this starting with Week #11. Those of you who dropped out in the last few weeks and have workshop credits will still get this, just with fewer stories.

So if you haven’t gotten my response on your four latest short stories, hold on, it is coming. Just taking me a little longer this week because even with few writers, this is a lot of reading. (grin)


There are now eight videos there. And under the first video I put a promotion video of the 2019 May Expo. It will give you a sense of the feel of the place. Again, the link is under the first video.

Sign-ups for that year-long class are still open. This first month is mostly introduction stuff as Kris and I work through so much of what we learned and wrestle it to the ground.