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Books Published 4th Quarter

Wonder Why I Don’t Announce Publications of My Books…

I get that all the time from early stage writers, wondering why I don’t promote my books better. Besides not caring that much, let me show you why.

Allyson, the publisher at WMG Publishing, sent me the list of books I published in the fourth quarter of 2021. She sends the list of books Kris published in each quarter as well.

And she sends along the links to get to the books on their pages in WMG Publishing in case I do want to promote something. All of these are for sale on the WMG Publishing store as well.

So, in short, last quarter I published 20 different major books worldwide.

Here is the list in the order we published them, starting October 1st through the end of the year.

Hot Springs Meadow
Don’t Touch My Magic!
Ghosts Among Us
Run!! Creatures, Critters, and Pulphousers…
There’ll Be Blue Popcorn Without You!
Twisted Robots, Oh My!
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine: Issue #14
A Case for Aliens
Fantasy Love
Weird Crime
Time for Cool Madness
Holiday Insanity
Smith’s Monthly: Issue #54
Too Strange for the Name
Ghosts are Weird
The End Might Be Interesting After All
A Poker Boy Christmas
Smith’s Monthly: Issue #55
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine: Issue #15
Smith’s Monthly: Issue #56

So two issues of Pulphouse Magazine, three issues of Smith’s Monthly, a number of novels and a bunch of collections and Pulphouse anthologies. Twenty books total. 15 of them were part of the 70@70 Challenge. The last five were after the challenge ended. So each quarter of 2021 I averaged just over 15 books published and the last month and a half of 2020 when the challenge started to hit the 70 major books published in my 70th year.

So take a look at some of them. All in one quarter.  And that does not count the 58 stand-alone short stories I published worldwide in 2021 either.

And yes, I went past Asimov’s total of books published a while back. (grin)


  • Filip Wiltgren

    Reminds me of Corin Tellado. She was billed as “Spain’s second most powerful writer (after Cervantes), that no one has ever heard of.”

    Tellado wrote over 4 000 novels in her lifetime, selling over 400 000 000 copies (yes, that’s 400 million) and nobody in the English speaking world has heard of her…

  • BDS

    I ca’t help but think that this is the key. Not ads. Not tweaking keywords. Not “virtual book tours” (whatever those even are). This.

    • dwsmith

      Tweaking keywords??? What kind of fresh hell is that? Can you think of a better way to not write? Wow. Critical voice in some writers really is amazingly creative. (grin)

  • Leah Cutter

    Blaze and I will publish our 400th title in February. It will be a “worlds collide” anthology of our stories. The only reason we’re here is because of you and Kris. Can’t thank you enough for pointing the way.

  • Shaun Kilgore

    Heck, Dean. You should just post one of these after the end of every quarter. lol. One stop for all the links to your newest book releases. Promotion at a minimum. 🙂