70 Book Challenge,  Challenge

Book #3 of 70 Book Challenge

Came Out Today…

This is the third book published in twenty days. Great fun.

If I managed 2 books every twenty days, that will get me to about 56 books, if I average three books every twenty days, that will get me above 70. So on target so far!!

The book that came out today is Book #7 Year of the Cat: A Cat of Heroic Heart.

Kris and I are co-editing this series of 100 cat stories. The books are great fun. Some of you will get this through the Kickstarter last January and some of you will get this if you are in the class on Teachable where I am talking about all 100 stories. I put up the bookfunnel link there just a bit ago.

I am running a little behind (these last two months have been a joy (grin)) so I have only talked about three of the books so far or about 25 stories, but the first seven books are there for you to read if you are one of the few signed up for that.

So here is the cover of the third book in my publish 70 books in a year challenge.