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December Workshops Have Started

Almost Forgot…

Things have been so crazy this month (for everyone I bet), I almost forgot to post here that all the December regular workshops have started. Yes, it is December!!!

I am moving the Licensing 101 to Classic in the next month or two, but past that, nothing new yet. (The new workshop is the special workshop that you had to sign up for through the last Kickstarter.)

List of December workshops below.

However, I am in the process of posting the January workshops and then will update all the schedules in the next few days into March. Got some slots for some new workshops that will be announced closer to the first of the year.

Also, Kris and I are still working to figure out a way to do the “Collections” series of classes, where you end up with a five-story collection when it is finished (and five new short stories). It doesn’t fit as a workshop, or a Pop-Up or anything else, and we want to do a number of them, from Holiday Stories to SF to Mystery to Romance and so many more ideas for collections.

So we are working on that still, stay tuned.

Here is the schedule of December workshops that just started.

Class #51… Dec 1st … Covers 101
Class #53… Dec 1st … Publishing 101
Class #54… Dec 1st … Writing with Speed
Class #55… Dec 1st … Teams in Fiction
Class #56… Dec 2nd … Depth in Writing
Class #57… Dec 2nd … Kickstarter
Class #58… Dec 2nd … Attitude
Class #59… Dec 2nd … Making Money
Class #60… Dec 2nd … Killing Critical Voice

To get any of them, just go to Teachable and hit “see all courses” to look for them.


  • Mihnea Manduteanu

    Thanks. Started the Publishing one and can’t wait for the Collections, to see what you come up with. Definitely saving for those.

  • Aniket Gore

    Great. Hoping to see a craft workshop. I was going through the cliffhanger again(after an year) and I can’g believe how many things I forgot in the year. I guess I’ve to go through all the craft once on a spree 🙂