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Best Workshop Deal Ever….

In the Return of Boss Kickstarter Campaign…

Kris’s wonderful Diving Universe novels and novellas and short stories are all in the subcategory of Science Fiction called Space Opera. So back when Kris finished the new Boss novel and we were talking about what cool things we could do for the campaign for writers, we came up with the idea of teaching a special three-week workshop called How to Write Space Opera.

It will only be offered through this special Kickstarter campaign and now only for two more days. Ends Thursday Evening!

But since the Diving Books are space opera and learning how to write great space opera is a tough skill, we decided to do four Pop-Up classes as well in a row that focus on different elements of learning how to write great Space Opera. These four pop-ups go hand-in-hand with the special workshop and together are over 70 videos and four story prompts.

So far, anyone who signs up for the workshop on this campaign gets three of the Pop-Up specials for no extra cost as part of the stretch rewards. And we are gaining on the sixth stretch reward with the fourth Pop-Up with two more days to go.

So here is what you get (plus a lot of books) if you sign up for the Special How to Write Space Opera workshop at the $150 reward level.

— The Three Week Special Workshop.

— How to Write a Novella (Focus is science fiction space opera. A $150 value and will be for sale on Teachable.)

— Science Fiction World Building Pop-Up (A $150 value and will be for sale on Teachable.)

— Creating Believable Aliens Pop-Up (A $150 value and will be for sale on Teachable.)

— Living in Space Pop-Up (We haven’t reached this yet, but there is a good chance in the next two days if everyone passes the word. A $150 value and will be for sale on Teachable.)

So if we hit that last stretch goal, you could get $750 in writing workshops focused on Writing Space Opera and other aspects of science fiction for $150.00.

That might be the best workshop deal we have every offered. But only two days to grab the special workshop before the Kickstarter Campaign is over.

The Return of Boss Kickstarter Campaign.


  • James Mendur

    Hi, Dean.
    In the past, you had mentioned NOT promoting your books as an indie, just writing and publishing the next book.
    From these past few blog posts, evidently your thinking has evolved on that issue, because you are, in fact, promoting things.
    You probably have a course on this topic but could you share a one-sentence summary of your current view of self-promotion?

    • dwsmith

      Nope, I haven’t changed. I always tell writers it is not worth their time to promote until they have enough stuff out to make promotion worth people finding your stuff. That is usually around 20 books (not short stories) before the discoverability starts to kick in. So focus on writing until then, after that number, a little promotion makes sense for time and money.

      Kris has maybe 400 books, and I have in that same range, maybe a little higher. We promote special stuff like this kickstarter.

      And notice, I am promoting the workshops mostly to help writers keep learning.

      So my attitude hasn’t changed. Promotion for most writers unless they have enough books is just not worth the time and money.

  • E. R. Paskey

    I would dearly love to take the Writing Space Opera workshop and lean more (since that’s what I primarily write), but after the deals I’ve already gotten since March, I’m not sure we can afford it. :/ Will have to talk to my husband.

    On another note, I noticed that this last stretch goal breaks your pattern of $2,500 increments and goes straight to $5,000. Was wondering what the thought process behind that is – – is a second tier of stretch goals or just a final big push to the end, kind of like, “Hey, it’d be great to go out with a bang.”?

    • dwsmith

      Just sort of a push to the end. And a special last minute one. Stretch goals we are supposed to stretch for. (grin)