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Best Plans and All That…

I Intended to Update the Kickstarter Best Practices…

And put up the new file from Loren and talk about some new campaigns. But nope, getting too late for me to do it today, so it will be Wednesday. Sorry about that.

Great fun when days just sort of get away from you. And especially since I am feeling like I have energy again for the first time in a week. So I just flat tackled too many projects.

Plus I talked tonight with one of Dave Farland’s classes. I had fun, but got a hunch I sort of twisted a few minds. But for some reason Dave wanted me to talk about one draft writing and agents and so he plugged in the quarter and off I went. I had fun.

Also almost have the main room of the new office down to only twenty or so boxes left. Both side rooms are still jammed to the ceilings, but I wanted to get the main room looking cool and books on shelves and such and the kitchen unpacked and such. So two sessions there today. That is fun. Not like it was on the other end packing all that stuff. (grin)

So a decent day today. Updates coming in a lot of classes shortly, and after two more short stories to finish I will finish the Cave Creek novel. Plus I want to do the collaboration four week workshop and get that started soon. So I have energy. Oh, oh… Danger Will Robinson! Danger!



  • Kate Pavelle

    Dean, I think moving a company from one state to another, *during a pandemic,* counts as a Life Roll. There’s this guy on Teachable who has these awesome video lectures on how to lead a more balanced life as an entrepreneur and a writer, maybe you’ve heard of him, (grin).

  • Kortnee

    I’m part of the class and missed the call (I was at a friend’s wedding) but the discussion afterwards has been great. You definitely blew a few minds.

    Oh, and the wedding was great. The Bride’s brother presented me with my first fan art: A 3-D printed copy of the cover of a story I wrote to tease the Groom. I wrote it for fun and it is still one of my favorite’s. The fact that other people enjoy it as well is just icing on the cake.