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Back to Work… Not Writing, But Work.

A Very Busy Day…

Most of you don’t know that we have a short story workshop happening right at this moment. It was originally supposed to be here, in Vegas, but we saw the writing on the wall almost two months ago and postponed it to a later date, but kept the study along part of it going, since that is all online.

And Kris is working some, as much as possible in the format, with those who would have attended in person.

So I have been recording lectures, reading stories, and doing a ton of other stuff today. Going on for two more days. Actually great fun and I thought I might make it to my writing computer tonight, but alas I just got done and it is already 1:15 am, so not tonight. (Back in Lincoln City I would have had three good hours ahead of me still. (grin))

And still a little behind on email, but will catch that up in the morning.

Kris and I had pizza tonight after a long walk around the neighborhood. Our favorite pizza place opened back up for regular delivery and pick-up. It was heaven.

And we are watching the show Travelers, which is some interesting science fiction. Done by the guy who did a lot of Star Gate. And we finished the first season of For All Mankind, a fantastic alternate future sf show done by Ron Moore. I have enjoyed both.

And I put updates in the Licensing Transition class, the Collaboration Class, and the Year of the Cat class. If you are in any of those, check out the update.

And I think, in the next few days, I am finally ready to record some more videos for the Decade Ahead second quarter. Stay tuned if you are in that.

So enough “And I…” for now. Hope all of you had a good, safe weekend.


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  • E. R. Paskey

    Yay for pizza! Glad you got that bit of normal back.

    I am so grateful for the internet and all the things we’re able to do as a result of it during all this pandemic craziness. Both of those shows sound fun–may have to talk my husband into trying them. (He’s not quite as into sci-fi as I am.) We started West Wing this week, though, and that’s been fascinating.

    This has been a great time to consume story, that’s for sure. It’s made me think a lot about the Great Depression and the fact that books, movies, and other forms of entertainment did pretty well because people needed a cheap escape from reality.

    Glad to hear there will be some Decade Ahead videos for April. I’ve been wondering if there would be any. I know 2020 is a hot mess so far, but I’ve been thinking about the patterns in future Aprils over the next decade.

    So far, this April has been quite productive, though I did hit a wall this past week. We’re blessed that my husband still has a job, (though there’s only so much he can do from home), so we don’t have some of the major stresses others are suffering, but there’s enough residual stress that it all finally piled up on me this week. And my youngest is cutting a tooth, so naps have been iffy. 😛

    Your gold star method works really well. Thanks for sharing!