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Back Home and Exhausted

Truck Arrives Early In The Morning…

So no time tonight to respond to email, but by Thursday I should be sort of recovered to do assignments as I promised.

I got exactly four hours of sleep in Boise last night. Worth every penny of the hotel room costs. Got here around 7 pm, fell down on the bed for a short time, then watched a little television and am doing this now because, you know… a streak of blogs.

So up early again tomorrow, then once all the boxes and shelves and such are in the new office and the movers are headed back north, I can rest.

I can say this for certain… I am way, way too old to be doing this.

And that is an understatement of laughable size…



  • Susan

    I have a question. What are you doing in the car during all that time?
    Driving I know – but are you listening to music, audio books, or podcasts, are talking on the phone?
    Are you thinking of new stories?
    That is an awful lot of open time. Wondering how you keep your mind occupied.

  • Britt Malka

    Glad to hear you’re back home safe. You’re in great shape. I couldn’t do what you just did, and I’m 10 years younger.

  • Chris York

    I think we kept saying “We’re too old for this” about once an hour for the whole three-plus days! Glad you’re home safely, home the unpacking isn’t too horrid. Now get some rest!!