Back from the Cache… Part Three (first two posts deleted)

Working on the problem… off and on all night. The fine techs at my host provider have been working on what they say is a very strange problem. We have been back and forth on the phone now for a few hours tonight. (They are wonderful and WordPress experts.)

They have made a few changes in some code that might help and we turned off a thing called Varnish that might have caused part of the problem.

But it seems, for the moment, some visitors are going to have to hit refresh on certain browsers. I go to this site on one browser and it comes up fine with the most recent post, I use Google Crome even after clearing the cache and it brings up the previous post as the last post and I have to hit refresh.

Kris on her iPad brings up the old post until she refreshes.

Any of you techs out there have any idea what is happening, if it is a server issue, all of us would love to know. Why is this loading directly through some browsers and others need to hit the refresh key?

A very strange problem. If anyone has heard of this before, I would be interested to know as well. I never notice, actually. But I often hit refresh. I know Passive Guy blog sometimes does this for me as well. So I am in a habit of hitting refresh when I go there no matter what.

Sorry for the confusion. A fun Saturday night, Sunday morning. I learned a bunch more about server and WordPress programming, that’s for sure.



  • Vera Soroka

    I have had no problem with the ipad or iPhone. I just use Safari for both and have had no problem with the desk top which is Microsoft. I just use internet explorer and google. No problem. So that is strange. I’ve had problems with The Passive voice but then there was always a problem at his end. Other than that, I’ve had no problem with his sight either. Must be some WordPress issue. Don’t know.

  • tony

    Just for the record, running OS Sierra 10.12.2 on my 2015 MBP, with the current version of FF (50.1), and yesterday, I said, what’s he talking about?
    SO, I don’t see any problem. I use RSS to follow, through Vienna 3.1.8 :1bc6bc3: and the piece it shows is also current.
    Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  • Michael W Lucas

    Dang it!

    Wearing my day job “nonfiction writer” hat, I’m writing a book on Varnish in 2017. And I slept through your problem! I could have learned so much! Curse my luck.

    • dwsmith

      Michael, they say that Varnish helps improve conductibility on some sites, but has issues on about half. We just shut it off. Seem to make no difference. Wish it had been that easy. (grin)

      But seems that things are running smoother now.

  • Jon Jefferson

    I have been seeing the problem for days now. Running the current version of Mac OS and the current version of Safari. I haven’t checked it with any of my other devices recently though.

    I don’t know if that helps you other than to give the trouble shooters some more ideas of what systems are seeing the problem.

  • Bonnie

    Chrome on a PC and no problems here.

    Just found the copy of “Edge” that Acer keeps reinstalling every time they update and it works fine there too.

  • David Anthony Brown

    I definitely would like to know what’s going on. I use WordPress too, and I’m set to have a resurgence with my blogging this month going forward.

    I haven’t noticed this problem with Passive Voice, but maybe because I’ve limited my internet time lately. I almost want to turn on the wi-fi on my Apple laptop, to try it out on Safari… but that’s my writing computer, so nope.

    And “Back from the Cache” sounds like a novel title!

  • Harvey

    Just FYI, I’m a regular old Windows 10 user and running Firefox 50.1.0 (the latest update) and I’m having to refresh the site. I never had to do that before about 4 days ago.

  • Michelle

    Using Windows 8 with the latest Firefox, and I’ve had problems since 13 December. Even with this post, it came up with the first Back from the Cache until I refreshed it, then when I clicked on the refreshed post it took me to the original Back from the Cache… until I refreshed it.
    Never had any problems like this ever for anything else.
    More info for the techs. 🙂

  • Mark Kuhn

    Dean, I noticed this last week. I need to refresh on my PC and my Kindle Fire and also on my desk computer at work. After the first day I got a little concerned, but saw Kris posting on Facebook about her racoon battles. So I assumed you were just fine and probably decided to jog across the country like Forrest Gump.