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Another Quick Trip…

Headed for Vegas With My Computers…

Where I will stay for a longer time this trip before having to head back to the coast in July to do a final clean-out of the big house.

Right now I am sitting, after a long day of getting ready and packing and then driving, in a casino hotel in eastern Oregon. Going to play another practice poker tournament tomorrow evening here before moving on toward Las Vegas and home.

I have gone through the first seven videos in the poker master class I am taking to refresh myself. Fun to have my focus there for a few short hours again. Learning, even remembering stuff I already knew, is great fun for me.

So I will report in tomorrow night on how the practice tournament went.



  • Céline Malgen

    Didn’t you say that you should stop swearing and using the word “practice”? Or is that word OK as long as it’s not related to writing? (grin)

    Enjoy the learning (or re-learning), and have a safe trip.

    • dwsmith

      Only writers talking about writing think the word “practice” is a swear word. Listening to that master class on poker and Daniel talked about ways of practicing in a number of places. Any sport or art practices except writing. Writers think if you do less, you learn more, and if you don’t practice, but make every word perfect, you get the best results. It is really messed up thinking in the writing world.

  • allynh


    I went looking for Smallville novels and found the Smallville book series, and you apparently did book number three “Whodunnit”.

    I wanted to ask, did they give you a script to work with or did you base it on just watching the shows.