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Another Fun Day

At Writers of the Future…

Writers here are great, people are nice, fun discussions. A number of us closed the bar tonight. Martin Shoemaker and a few others.

And I got to meet one of my favorite artists, Larry Elmore. He and I ended up hanging around together and talking about the 1960s and art and other things for a couple hours. A wonderful man and great artist.

So a really fun day. Tomorrow is the ceremony and dinner and then I will be headed home. A fun few days in the craziness of Hollywood.

And if you emailed me anything today, I will get to it in the morning. Night.

One Comment

  • Tony DeCastro

    Really cool that you got to meet Larry Elmore. He and Erol Otus pretty much defined Dungeons and Dragons for me as much as Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson ever did. Those guys set down the rules.. Elmore and Otus fired the imagination.