Another Day of Packing

Things Are Locked In…

Got some minor stuff to find homes for, but for the most part I have given away just about everything. Still have about eight display cases to deal with, and get things ready to next month’s move to Vegas of the stuff we are putting in the new office in Vegas.

Still creating a giant donation pile, and a pile for six other places. I’ve had great help every evening with Cameron (owner of a store here in town) coming in and doing some heavy lifting, Jo (the owner of my old store) helping with things, and Chris and Steve York making sure I am fed. Great friends. Also saw Steph and Val today (they used to live and run with us in Vegas, are now in Lincoln City), and Dan (owner of our old bookstore) came through twice.

So a lot of work, but also wonderful to see old friends.

And folks, the Cold Poker Gang kickstarter only has four more days to go, and I am hoping we can get it to some of the really great stretch goals, so do pass the word. Thanks!!

Off to sleep.


  • Mark Kuhn

    Dean, I’m spreading the word on the Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter.
    I’m sending emails to my friends. Most of them grabbed Kill Game and got hooked like I did.