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Another Bryant Street Story Tonight

Both Upbeat… Sort of…

Kris read the Bryant Street story from last night and said, “Wow, an upbeat Bryant Street story. I actually hadn’t noticed that it was. It was just twisted like all Bryant Street stories are. And in fact, last night’s story you could just see Rod Serling standing off to one side of the garage saying…

For your consideration, a man in a house he hates, a marriage that broke years ago, trying desperately to find a way out. Blocking his exit, an old car, left abandoned for years in a field, now full of  the twisted hopes and dreams that can only be found on Bryant Street.

I think just about any story blurb for Bryant Street can be written in Rob Serling’s voice.

So tonight the challenge won again. I am exhausted from not enough sleep, and then almost angry after a nap that actually hurt to wake up from. So after a walk and dinner and some television, I managed to stagger up here to this office, but mostly I just wanted to go crash on the bed and wake up in nine or ten hours.

But I had the challenge and this blog streak, so I typed in a title that started with “A Home…” and then something else and started typing and two breaks and 3,000 words later I changed the title to “A Home for the Books: A Bryant Street Story” and printed out the story for Kris to read, then came to write this.

So not going to get a full night’s sleep again, but at least tonight I started a little earlier than the last week. Maybe have time to catch up in the next few days, get more sleep, get stories to Patreon and get other stuff there done. But the writing has to come first. That is the promise I made to myself on this challenge and now 19 stories later the writing is still coming first.

And I would not be doing my duty here if I didn’t remind you that you can get 100 of Kris and my short mystery stories in CRIMES COLLIDE Kickstarter Campaign, plus a bunch of great other books and workshops to learn mystery writing. Check it out!!