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An Offer To Readers for My Coming Challenge

Want A Bunch of Reading Over the Next Year?…

As many of you know, starting on the 10th of this month, meaning Friday, I will be doing a challenge to publish 67 books in one year, my 67th year.

67 in 67.

That’s right, in my 67th year on this planet I want to publish 67 major titles with my name on the cover. Publish. No stand-alone short fiction, only major books with my name on the cover.

Here is the plan:

— 20 new novels (four are in the publishing process now, the rest must be written in time to make it through the publishing process this year.)
— 17 Smith’s Monthly issues (one is in the publishing process now.)
— 4 huge collections (Stories from April, Stories from November, Stories from May, and Novels from July. November and May stories must be written, about 60 short stories total.)
— 5 Pulphouse Fiction Magazine issues.
— 1 Pulphouse book.
— 7 Fiction River volumes.
— 3 Non-fiction books (Need to be written.)
— 12 monthly five-story collections.

That’s more than 67 books and a massive ton of reading, that’s for sure. Over 20 novels, 3 writing books, and books full of well over 500 short stories (not all mine since Fiction River and Pulphouse publish other authors.)

I have had numbers of people ask me if they are going to be able to read the stories and stuff from my challenge. Sure, the challenge is to publish them all by one year from Friday. So they will all be available.

I plan on announcing each publication through my newsletter. So over the next year I am expecting to send out 40 or so newsletters to those signed up on my newsletter.

And, of course, I will be blogging here about the time the novels or short stories take to write and how many pages and at what Pulp Speed I am writing and such. That aspect of this blog is coming back on many of these projects for this challenge.

But it would still be expensive and hard to track to get it all to read. So someone this last week suggested an idea because of something we did in the Pulphouse Kickstarter. I liked the idea and thought I would offer it here combined with what we did in the Kickstarter.



Yup. Here is the offer if you are interested. This is a short-time offer.

Three different options…

— $200 for all 67 plus books I do in electronic format.(Delivered automatically to you on publication date.)

— $300 for all the books WMG Publishing does in 2018 (includes books from Kris and others), plus the ones I do in the last month or so of this year. (This was in the Kickstarter for $250 for all WMG Books in 2018 and we had a few takers.)

— $700 for all 67 books I do in limited, signed paper. We will do a 20 edition limited with a special book plate on the inside front cover talking about the challenge and which book it is in the challenge and numbered 1 through 20 and signed by me. (You can’t get #1-5 because those are reserved for staff.) So only 15 of these are available.

If you take the paper, you also get an electronic edition of each book as well to read.

If you are already subscribed to Fiction River or Pulphouse and take this subscription to the challenge, we will extend your subscription to the magazine for one year to make up for the double subscriptions.

To sign up just write me. Paypal or checks.

Money Back Guarantee…

If something happens to me and I can’t continue with this challenge, your money will be fully refunded and you get the books for free up to that point. I have to offer this not to get people rooting against me, but because challenges are often very unpredictable. As is health.

This subscription is an offer to my readers and also the writers who would like to follow along close and read fairly quickly everything I write and blog about all year long in the challenge. 

Also, honestly, with subscribers, it will keep me even more focused all year. I am good with incentive that way. (grin)

Only a limited time to sign up and if you have any questions, just write me.

I am so excited about doing this challenge. Writing and publishing my age.

67 in 67. Yup, that is nuts.

And wonderful fun.




  • Jim Gillaspy

    I just finished your “Writing into the Dark” and found it inspiring. One question, if I may. You talk of “cycling back.” Could you estimate how much of your writing time this involves?

    • dwsmith

      Not a lot most of the time, Jim. But good question. I would say, guessing, I am cycling one third of the time I am writing. (Although I am in creative mode and never much think about the time.) I average around 1,000 words an hour including a break. And cycling gets me clean copy that doesn’t need rewriting. So however long it takes me, I’m happy with that pace and the clean copy. Rewriting sucks life and time out of so many people. I wouldn’t be a writer if I had to do that, to be honest.

    • dwsmith

      Patreon supporters will get the 16 or so Smith’s Monthly like normal and also the three nonfiction books that come from the blog because the Patreon is set up to support the blog. So out of the 67 about 20 or so books will go to Patreon. Close to two a month at Patreon. Going to be a really good pace there for those supporting the blog.

      67 is a LOT of books. (grin) More than one per week average. Yow. What am I thinking? (grin)

  • Fred A. Aiken

    One of the kickstarter selections was for all major publications that MWG publishes in 2018. Is it correct to assume that the additional titles as part of this challenges would be sent to those who contributed to kickstarter at the $250 level will receive these books as well?

    • dwsmith

      Fred, yes, if you got the Kickstarter for all the WMG books, you will get all of these challenge books included. A lot of books for $250 (grin)