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Yeah!!! All November Workshops On Teachable

All Letters Sent to Those Signed up…

If you are signed up and didn’t get a letter, write me.

There is now two ways to sign up for any regular workshop.

First… You can do the normal way and sign up by contacting me directly. Pay through Paypal or by check. I will put you on the list for the workshop and then send you a code a few days ahead of the start date to allow you into the workshop.

Second Way… Just go directly to Teachable and sign up there and pay there. They take Paypal and credit cards.

All the available lectures, all but two of the Classic Workshops, and November’s regular online workshops are available on Teachable now.

What will happen going forward…

Anyone can sign into the November workshops for the first two weeks of the workshop, then the workshop will vanish from sight. Only those signed up will be able to get to it on your dashboards.

Don’t be shocked if you go to a November workshop and only an introduction video is there. The first week’s videos won’t magically appear until the day the workshop starts. Then each new week’s videos will appear at the same point each week going forward.

Also great is that you can go back to the workshop at any point in the future. Unless you delete it from your dashboard, it will always be there to review.

The December workshops will be added later this week as the November workshops get started. So for two weeks there will be two months of workshops there.

This is so much better than the old site and all the passwords. You only have to remember your Teachable account password to get to any workshop or lecture you have signed up for.

Again, you can sign up either on the site or directly with me. Both work fine since I get a report as to who has signed up in each workshop on the site.

It’s been a ton of work and I still have a lot of work this month to get everything up completely, but it’s going to be worth it. So much more professional and easy to use.


All have openings at the moment. Information at

Yes, even the new Novel Structure workshop has openings.

Class #49… Nov 7th … Depth #3: Research
Class #50… Nov 7th … Author Voice
Class #51… Nov 7th … Business
Class #52… Nov 7th … Writing into the Dark
Class #53… Nov 7th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #54… Nov 7th … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #55… Nov 8th … Depth in Writing
Class #56… Nov 8th … Advanced Character and Dialog
Class #57… Nov 8th … Cliffhangers
Class #58… Nov 8th … Pacing Your Novel
Class #59… Nov 8th … Novel Structure
Class #60… Nov 8th … Writing Fantasy

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  • Jeff

    Hi Dean,

    Any way we can use Teachable to revisit a workshop we took a few years ago?

    I don’t have a Teachable account, but that’s pretty easy to rectify.

    I’ve been out of writing since the early part of 2015. I’m ready to get back into it, planning to start on January 1 and dedicating 2018 to the Year I Started Writing Again. I’d love to go through the Ideas to Story workshop again over the next several weeks.

  • DS Butler

    All signed up and ready to start on Wednesday. Thanks! Looking forward to the novel structure workshop.

    • dwsmith

      Yes, but give me until the first of the year to get them all up there. If the workshop you took is now a Classic, let me know which one or ones and I will send a code. But for the moment, let me get all the workshops loaded first, then those who have taken them in the past can get into them. No issue. But that will take until the first of the year.

      • Victoria Goddard

        Oh, that would be wonderful. I’d love to go through the Cliffhangers one again–I got a lot out of it the first time, but I’m a better writer now and think I’d get even more out of it now. When I’m done the current challenge, anyway. 🙂