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An Adventure

Never Would Think I Would Be Doing This…

Just two short months ago.

But this morning, when I normally get out of bed at 10:30 in the morning, I was up and showered and out the door by 8 am. Gloves, mask, and a jar of spray disinfectant in hand.

First stop, a Walmart. Not crowded, no lines at that time of the morning.

I was on a hunt, stalking the wild paper products.

I got a large package of paper towels, a massive package of napkins, tissues, and huge package of the good toilet paper. Plus some rice.

Total win. The place was very, very well-stocked with everything. Felt almost normal. Not even any line to check out (which is not normal at Walmart.)

So back in the car, sprayed my gloves until soaked, gave up on the mask since less than half of the people in the place were wearing them and I kept touching my face to adjust it. Wiped down the car that we had just gotten back sanitized from the shop yesterday, then headed across town.

Almost no traffic.

Found another Walmart and repeated my score there, so we are stocked on paper products now for the next month.

Back to the car to decontaminate myself again, then headed for a great grocery store. Very well stocked with everything but, you guessed it, paper products.

So I spent a good hour-plus shopping for dinners and such. Not crowded, everyone being very careful, all workers doing what they needed to do. In fact, most of the workers in the place were people with large carts filling them for call-in or delivery orders. They outnumbered us actual customers I would bet.

Then back in the car to decontaminate once again. My poor leather gloves by this point are so wet with disinfectant, I could kill a virus from twenty paces by just waving my hand.

Off to a specialty bakery to get deserts, decontaminate once again, then finally home by around 12:30. Four plus hours of shopping.

The freeway had some traffic as I went past the Strip, but not much. Nothing like a normal Saturday would be. Not at all sure how long it will be, if ever, that old normal returns to this city.

Spent the next hour decontaminating myself and all the groceries. And getting everything stored.

Then spent the afternoon on business and a nap.

Then Kris and I decided on a drive up the Strip.

In the old days, on a Saturday night we never would go near the place. But now parts of it are only one lane because they are working on the road, and up in the middle of the Strip there were a few people walking and a ton of people on bikes. Seems it is popular to go up or down the strip on bikes.

No real traffic otherwise. Everything shut down. We had to see it for ourselves just once. Creepy. That many massive buildings just shuttered.

Got back and cooked dinner and that was that for the day except tonight we got to the plague episode of Travelers in the second season. They filmed that at least two years ago. Now that was creepy and uncomfortable to watch, to say the least.

A very strange day in the time of the plague. Hope you are all staying safe. I did my best.





  • Ashley R Pollard

    Actually, I would advise wearing a mask, and ditching the gloves, because soap is sufficient to destroy the virus, and the mask will cut down the chances of airborne transmission.

    That’s advice from a medical perspective.

    • dwsmith

      When I am going from store to store like that, gloves soaking with disinfectant make me feel safe in case I accidentally touch my face. And also I spray them all the time with disinfectant to keep them damp. I just don’t have any place to wash my hands until I get home four hours later. (I am NOT going into a public restroom in a store. Nope, not happening.)

      And I kept adjusting my mask, which meant I was touching my face when I wore it. Nope!

      And from my understanding, masks cut down my transmission, not me getting it from someone else. So I am trusting the six feet rule more than anything. If I had to go into a tight area where I couln’t maintain six feet, I would put on the mask, but never got that close to anyone. Vegas has HUGE stores. Lots and lots of room to go around people.

      But my biggest worry when I am out is touching something and then touching my face. No virus could live for long on those soaked gloves. (grin)